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FREDERICKSBURG REGION, VIRGINIA- Luck Stone is this week’s investor of the week.


About Luck Stone

Luck Stone is the nation’s largest family owned and operated producer of crushed stone, sand and gravel. A responsive and creative partner to the construction, civil engineering and environmental industries, we provide consistent, quality aggregate materials and services that serve as the foundation of roads, bridges and buildings.

More than a quarry company, Luck Stone extends our core operating principles to each new location we develop. These principles include local economic development, environmentally sound practices, and Values Based Leadership. We are committed to optimizing our operations with the community in mind to ensure that we are good neighbors. This resourcefulness and holistic, environmentally responsible approach differentiates us and enables Luck Stone to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Luck Stone and the FRA

“Being integrated and involved in the communities in which we operate is critically important to the success of our business.  We accomplish that through strong relationships with our neighbors, community leaders and those who support the growth and long-term success of the Fredericksburg region.  FRA champions this success, which is why we are proud to support their efforts. The Fredericksburg region is a vibrant and diverse market which has shown reliable growth over the last several decades.  The region will soon become one of the most important markets in the Washington MSA growth story as it benefits from the continued extension of the Route 95 HOT lanes to the South.   Fredericksburg’s business friendly environment will continue to attract new investment that will ensure the necessary funding to fuel this future growth. These attributes and its unique location connecting our Richmond markets to Northern Virginia make the Fredericksburg region a key to Luck Stone’s continued success.”

To learn more about Luck Stone and the Luck Companies, visit their website. 

FredRegion: The Fredericksburg Region is Virginia’s fastest growing market with excellent access to 60% of the nation’s population and global markets. The region boasts a highly educated labor force, lower cost of business and enviable quality of life. The Fredericksburg Region is home to three military installations and located midway between Washington, D.C. and Richmond, Va. making it the ideal location for all businesses.