Defense + Security

Defense and Security is one of the fastest-growing industry sectors in the Fredericksburg Region, and one of our most diverse. Our region benefits from having two major contracting installations, Marine Corps Base Quantico and Naval Support Facility Dahlgren. The government contractors in our region provide a wide range of services and products to the Federal government, which includes logistics support, cybersecurity products, weapons development, security training, robotics and much more. Additionally, the Fredericksburg Region is home to multiple HubZones (Historically Underutilized Business Zones) that reward government contractors with set-aside contracts. Our region has over 35,000 veterans and has one of the highest concentrations of cleared residents in the Nation, with over 6,000 workers in the National Security and Public Affairs Sector.

Quantico Marine Corps Base
The Fredericksburg Region is proud to be home to Marine Corps Base Quantico. Quantico is one of the Region’s largest economic engines and has a significant economic impact on our economy. Quantico provides an outstanding labor pool with over 10,000 government employees and private contractors. The base is also home to the FBI Laboratories, FBI Academy and the Military Investigative agencies.

Total Contracts (FY 2017)

  • $288.2 million

Contracts in Virginia (FY 2017)

  • $144.9 million

Quantico Workforce Population (FY 2017)

  • Military: 5,888
  • Government Civilian: 7,698
  • Contractors: 3,991
  • Other Civilian Employees: 1,360
  • Students: 6,545 – Military, FBI, DEA
    Total: 25,482

Total Economic Impact (FY15) 

  • $4.9 Billion

Regional Impact:

  • $1.5 Billion


  • Marine Corps System Command
  • Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • FBI Academy
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  •  Military Department of Investigative Agencies
  • Marine Corps Embassy Security Group
Dahlgren Naval Support Facility
Naval Support Facility Dahlgren, was established as a gun test facility in 1918 in King George County. Dahlgren’s location on was chosen for the purpose of testing long range ballistic weapons on the Potomac River, which was required for the high-powered munitions used on Naval vessels. Dahlgren has since grown into one of region’s largest employer’s, responsible for creating thousands of public and private sector jobs. The base has an unparalleled workforce with many of its employees having some form of an advanced STEM degree. Dahlgren is responsible for more than 200 patents with 50 to 75 more in the pipeline.

Total Contracts (FY 2017)

  • $1.9 Billion

Local Contracts (FY 2017)

  • $528 Million

Dahlgren Workforce Population (FY 2017)

  • 5,359 Civilians
  • 365 Military Personnel
  • 4,966 Contractors

Regional Workforce (FY 2017)

  • 3,851


  • Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
  • Naval Surface Mine Warfighting Development Center Det Dahlgren
  • Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Joint Warfare Analysis Center Dahlgren
  • Center for Surface Combat System Dahlgren
  • Aegis Training and Readiness Center
  • 18th Space Control Squadron Det 1
Fort A.P. Hill
Fort A.P. Hill is the sixth largest military installation on the east coast and operates as a regional collective training center supporting Active and Reserve Components of the Army as well as the Joint Force, Interagency, and federal and local law enforcement. It is a regional hub for Army Special Forces training. Fort A.P. Hill has a 28,000-acre live-fire range complex and can accommodate combined arms live-fire exercises.

Total Contracts in Virginia (Including MILCON)

  • FY 2016 – $16 Million
  • FY 2017 – $15Million

Total Contracts (Construction Equipment, Materials)

  • $152 Million

Total Impact 

  • $244 Million

A.P. Hill Workforce Population 

  • 2,087 Military Personnel
  • 362 DoD Civilians
  • 73 Federal Contractors

Personnel Payroll 

  • 80 Million

Significant Facts

  • Land Mass 76K Acres
  • Training Support 40-50K Annually